Welcome to the Mesothelioma Resource Web, a comprehensive online source for information on medical issues, mesothelioma treatment options, other mesothelioma information resources, and legal rights.

The aim of the website is to assist victims of asbestos disease and their families free of charge. We empower such families by arming them with medical information, legal information, and the experiences of others. We believe it is in the victim's interest and well-being to make informed decisions about treatment, coping and asserting your rights.

Site Overview

  • Understand what mesotheleoma is and its causes
  • Symptoms and diagnosis of mesothelioma
  • Treatment options to help your condition.
  • Recommendations from people who have been there
  • Journal Articles and expert interviews
  • Information on how to help you and your family
  • Questions? Send us your question or see our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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